Space of phylogenetic trees relating four consecutive influenza seasons. Zairis et al. 2016.
The research of our laboratory at Rutgers University focuses on cancer genomics and computational biology.

At Rutgers Cancer Institute's Center for Systems and Computational Biology, we develop novel analytical methods to understand the underlying genetics of human diseases and the molecular epidemiology of disease-causing organisms using high-throughput genomic data. We are interested in identifying prognostic markers in cancer, as well as studying tumor clonal evolution, especially in the contexts of therapeutic resistance, disease transformation, and relapse.

We collaborate extensively with scientists and physicians at institutions in the New York metropolitan area. We are also affiliated with the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine at Rutgers, as well as the National Cancer Institute's Center for Topology of Cancer Evolution and Heterogeneity at Columbia University.

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